Our products

At Cocotte, we strongly believe that good products are the secret to a good life. To do the best galettes, crêpes and desserts, we have selected carefully each of our partners in Brittany in France, and in the Netherlands. Our desserts are baked fresh every day at our kitchen following traditional recipes by our Breton Chef. 

All our Brittany artisanal products and Cocotte mugs are available at Cocotte. Bring some French food and style in your life!



French atmosphere

Cocotte was designed to feel like home. Warm, welcoming, each furniture has a story. The wooden counter is an authentic Breton furniture found in a second-hand store in Quimper. The copper and the wood columns have been dug up in the north of Amsterdam to create typical stairs. Our staff uniforms have been imagined after the famous «Marinière», an emblematic symbol of the Breton sailors.


The oldest windmill

Our 100% gluten free organic flour comes from one of the last artisanal French mills. Created around 1870, the mill carries on the traditional gestures of this ancient craft everyday, thus making buckwheat seeds a product full of flavours and history. The genuine Black Wheat Flour, qualified as “traditional product”, is exclusively milled with a flint millstone, with a rare and authentic know-how, true witness of the living heritage! 


Artisanal jams

In Brittany, our partner "Dame Cerise" bakes and cooks artisanal jams in copper basins, with just enough brown sugar (around 35%). They select the fruits at the best of their maturity to preserve the color and the taste. Strawberry, rhubarb and vanilla or mirabelle and bergamot, or raspberry lemongrass, "Dame Cerise" loves to find the perfect balance to reveal the best of the taste of the jam.


Fair trade coffee

Boot Koffie roasts the coffees daily according to traditional methods.  They select the plantations themselves and import as much Direct Trade as possible. This means that they have direct contact with the coffee farmers. Many of our farmers work completely organic. A lot of their coffees carry the SKAL EKO label, which stands for proven reliability of organic products in the Netherlands. 


From the farm

Lindenhoff is a family farm that selects authentic products originated from highly reputed and responsible farms where respect of nature is one of the most important part. Our cheeses, meats, apples and eggs are made and raised in small European farms by artisans with attention to nature and tradition. Every single product on offer has been personally selected because of its exceptional quality.


100% Natural

Our cider and our range of apple juices are made in the most traditional way, guaranteeing the highest quality and the best taste. "Les délices de Guillaume" selects only biologic apples to produce an artisanal juice through a natural process with no added sugar and preservative. Apple mint, caramel or vanilla, whatever the flavour, all of our juices are 100% pure juice.